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Floridian Partners understands how constant changes in local, state, and federal regulation can adversely impact your business. When BurgerFi, a national gourmet hamburger chain restaurant, expanded to Florida, they were in need of assistance from a company whose job it was to keep up with these regulations and guide their clients through them.


  • Assist BurgerFi obtain a number of restaurant and liquor licenses.

Action Taken

In the effort to assist BurgerFi secure their liquor license, it was first important to complete a full Plan Review to submit to local agencies in Florida. Once this was accomplished, Floridian Partners assisted BurgerFi in navigating the liquor license acquisition process, and saw the process through to its completion.


In the end, Floridian Partners was able to successfully assist our client BurgerFi through the liquor license acquisition process, which allowed them to open up a number of stores and create dozens of jobs in the state.