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About Us

Though many may not believe it, Tallahassee and Miami are actually in the same state. Spanning across 500-miles and boasting wildly different cultures, the cities are the yin and yang that influence Florida’s policy and economy. Those who work around the Capitol know you can’t pass a law without the South Florida delegation, and those trying to break into the Miami business scene know they must account for the politicians and regulators in the North.

The belief that our clients are best served by having a powerful presence in both cities was the catalyst that led to the founding of Floridian Partners in 2000. Since then, the firm has flourished due to the deep and varied business and political experience and connections brought together by all its partners.

Over the years our team has grown even stronger and won countless battles on behalf of our clients, but our diversity of location, culture, politics and talent continue to be central to our success.

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