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Toby Philpot to Join Floridian Partners

Philpot to Focus on Growing & Diversifying the Firm’s Health Care Practice Tallahassee, Fla. – Floridian Partners today announced that Toby Philpot will join the firm on September 15, 2022. Philpot, a health care policy expert and veteran political strategist, will focus on growing and diversifying the firm’s health care practice. “We are excited to […]

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Floridian Partners COVID-19 Update (as of 11/25/20)

Wednesday November 25, 2020 Coronavirus Update: Total Cases in Florida: 961,676                         Total Cases in US: 12,698,809 Total Florida Deaths: 18,254                              Total US Deaths: 261,223 Total Florida Hospitalizations: 54,133 Although Florida has moved into Phase 3 of recovery, government officials at the federal, state, and local level continue to work diligently to prepare […]

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Florida courts beware: ALI Restatement of the Law – Liability Insurance

The American Law Institute (ALI) publishes “Restatements of Law” to provide a reference on existing case law and common law principles. Their recent Restatement of the Law – Liability Insurance has been getting panned by lawyers, governors, regulators and scholars for not accurately restating liability insurance law and in many cases inappropriately suggesting what they […]

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FTC joins FDA in crackdown on CBD claims

On September 10, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a press release regarding its regulation of unsubstantiated health claims and cannabidiol (CBD) infused products, noting that it has sent out warning letters to companies not in compliance.  The FTC has not named the 3 companies that received warning letters, but stated that the claims […]

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Court of Appeal Confirms Medical Marijuana Licensing Statute Unconstitutional

The Florida First District Court of Appeal issued an Order in the Florigrown case on Tuesday August 27, 2019, denying the Department of Health’s motion for en banc review, and certifying the case as a question of great importance to the Florida Supreme Court. The operative effect of this order is that the original ruling […]

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Recap of 2019 legislative session insurance bills passed.

General Insurance Omnibus (HB 301) CAT Fund LAE – Raises Florida CAT Fund LAE reimbursement from 5% to 10% (Effective 6/1/2019 – affects current contracts) Electronic Salvage Title – Allows title of totaled vehicle to be forwarded electronically to DHSMV Work Comp Applications – Work Comp applicants & agents no longer require notarized sworn statements […]

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Florida passes property AOB Reform with attorney fee formula.

For the last decade, the Florida property insurance market has been plagued by fraud within non-catastrophic claims enabled by a tool called “Assignment of Benefits (AOB).” This fraud has led to a 900% increase in lawsuits involving an AOB since 2008 and caused dramatic rate increases despite no hurricane making landfall in Florida in the […]

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The USDA issued a legal opinion on hemp cultivation and processing in the US.

Yesterday, the USDA issued a legal opinion from the office of its general counsel on hemp cultivation and processing in the US after the 2018 Farm Bill. Of note are the following findings: Regardless of whether a state has instituted a hemp program, it cannot prevent the interstate transportation of hemp lawfully grown under another […]

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