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With exponential growth and popularity, Uber has become one of America’s most innovative and useful companies. After launching in California during March of 2009, Uber has expanded to countless communities around the world. With every expansion effort, comes a new challenge. In the state of Florida, Uber hired Floridian Partners to help them navigate insurance regulations in Miami-Dade County. After successfully ensuring Uber’s ability to operate in the city of Miami, Uber then looked to Floridian Partners Tallahassee team to help them achieve statewide insurance reform that would allow the company to safely operate in the state.


  • Assist Uber in the drafting and passing of statewide ride-sharing reform.

Action Taken

With expertise in disruptive technologies, transportation and insurance, as well as partners in Miami and Tallahassee, the Floridian team was uniquely capable of assisting Uber at the local-level before passing comprehensive reform at the state-level. Through our work with several stakeholders, we were able to achieve compromise on Florida’s ride-sharing laws, making it simpler and cheaper for Transportation Network Companies such as Uber to offer their groundbreaking product without having to navigate and negotiate with each local jurisdiction.


HB 221 was passed during the 2017 legislative session after a fight that took several years. Uber has continued to experience incredible growth since then, and they have continued to use our firm to help them offer new and innovative services that help the public such as Non-Emergency Medical Transportation.

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