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Beyond Florida

As many of our clients operate across the country and internationally, they are often in need of a trusted firm to manage their governmental affairs and coalition strategy outside of our great state. Because Florida’s complex political, regulatory, and social environment expose us to the gamut of opposition an organization may face, companies have partnered with us to hire and manage local counsel in other states to achieve the same success we achieve for them in Florida.

Leveraging our relationship as the sole Florida partner for national lobbying association The Advocacy Group, and with the experience of our team members, some of who have spent decades leading the country-wide government affairs practice of multi-billion dollar organizations, we combine our issue and management expertise to assess, hire, and lead a team of lobbyists that have the local influence to implement your national strategy. This model maintains central control of sensitive issues while also providing you resource flexibility when a robust internal government affairs function is not ideal.

Whether it is a new model law for a disruptive technology, or a national advocacy issue you need managed by a trusted expert, we can organize and lead a multi-state team to advance your agenda.

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