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Issues Management & Communications

Public opinion directly influences political decisions and consumer habits. Our team can help you control the public narrative by creating and managing issue advocacy campaigns that elevate your priorities. From grassroots advocacy to strategic media communications, our work provides the third-party support necessary to maximize direct lobbying efforts and ensure a strong market for your business.

Communication Expand

To impact a state as big and diverse as Florida, communications strategies need to pair political and cultural sensitivity with a deep understanding of your organizations business and brand.

Our team has the diversity and experience to help you craft a message that advances your goals without getting lost in translation. Whether you need to write to a government official, draft an editorial, provide an impactful interview, or deliver a well-authored speech, we are your partners in making sure your story is achieving the intended result.

Grassroots Outreach Expand

When it comes to political influence, nothing beats constituency contact. With grassroots strategies, we quickly gain allies for your message where it matters the most.

Through both traditional communications channels or newer social media platforms, we devise and implement a strategy to best reach your target audience. Whether with letters and local gatherings, or Facebook and Twitter, our team creates grassroot support for your issue and provides real-time feedback on its development.

Paid & Earned Media Expand

Some issues require communicating to a broad audience while others call for more specific targeting. Our paid & earned media strategies leverage our knowledge of media outlets and markets to help you achieve both.

With our earned media services we generate trust and support for your organization by getting others to tell your story. Through our network and experience with the media’s need for content, we amplify your issue through organic press mentions, thoughtful op-ed pieces, blog postings, and other message-focused media channels. Earned media is an effective way to reach a wide audience through multiple diverse outlets.

Our paid media strategies involve leveraging financial resources to purchase highly visible message reinforcement. Using our experience and the latest in data analytics, we can advance your issue by placing advertisements where they are most likely to be seen by a specific target demographic.

Coalition Building & Association Management Expand

Because there is strength in numbers, successful issue management strategies often require the building of coalitions.

Our team can help you build an alliance to legitimize and address the issue your company is facing. And while it is our network and experience that allow us to quickly organize a powerful group around your issue, it is our reputation and expertise that keeps it focused on your specific goals.

If the coalition is best leveraged as a long-term entity, we can help your industry create and manage an association to more efficiently meet the constant threats your industry faces.

Whether advocating for a change in the law, or seeking to impact consumer awareness, our team can build and manage the support you need to advance your priorities.

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