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Business Consulting & Development

While most of our clients come to us for government affairs work, we have found that they come to rely heavily on us for industry expertise and market intelligence. Combining our years of experience and relationships in regulated industries with a passion for business strategy tailored to the Florida market, our business consulting and development work can help you launch a startup in the right direction, transform your strategy in the face of disruption, or find new synergies through our network of business partners.

Business & Marketing Strategy Development Expand

Differentiation and competitive advantage are key to any sustainable business and marketing strategy. By understanding your organizational mission and goals, we can help you develop strategies and tactics to keep you in control of the competition and your target market.

We help you answer questions such as:

  • What are your internal strengths and weakness? (management, service, offerings, personnel, expertise, assets, resources, operations & procedures, etc.)
  • What are the external opportunities and threats? (customer market, competition, technology, economy, social, legal/regulation, politics)?
  • Do you need to develop more products for the same market, or do you need to expand your current services to new markets?
  • Should you pursue either a low-cost, perceived quality, or niche market strategy?
  • Who is your direct or substitute competition and what is their advantage?
  • What new technology may cause disintermediation in your industry?
  • Do you need to consider vertical or horizontal value chain integration?
  • Do you need to consider outsourcing non-value added enterprise functions?
  • Does your organizational structure align with your mission and goals?
  • Do you have an identifiable brand?

Whether your organizational goal is to increase profitability, market share, or enhance external perception, we can help you design and implement a strategy that drives and sustains your competitive advantage.

Company Formation & Financing Expand

When you have a winning product but need partners to help flesh it out, come to us. With our decades of experience in business and government, we can help guide you through the legal red tape of company formation including incorporation and licensing. Our financing network also allows us to find you the reliable and affordable capital needed to get you into production.

Market Intelligence Expand

Florida’s unique political, regulatory, and social environment requires local experts to aid in effective navigation. The rapid pace at which it changes also necessitates a team that is constantly monitoring the pulse of the media, political, and business communities. Our Florida expertise combined with our history within multiple industries allows us to offer you perspective and intelligence when embarking on a new venture in the state. Whether you have a new product or a change in strategy, talk to us first so that we can help you tailor it to the current Florida market.

Business to Business Connections Expand

With our decades of success as advisors and experts within multiple industries operating in Florida, we have earned the trust of a wide network of executives and business developers. Through these connections, we have been able to broker and jointly invest in business to business deals worth millions to our clients.

Whether you need to identify a vendor or need a door opened to better market your products and services, our rolodex ensures that we are never more than two degrees of separation from a partner that can help your organization reach its goals.

Private & Public Procurement Expand

There are two main paths to quickly increase revenue – offer new services to the same market, or offer the same services to a bigger market.

Through our private & public procurement work, we leverage our network and reputation to help you identify and secure new opportunities to sell your current products and services. Taking it a step further, we are able to identify new problems that your organizational capabilities are uniquely positioned to solve.

When you are having trouble identifying and winning bids, requests for proposal, or invitations to negotiate, lean on the reach and influence of our team to propel you to the top of the stack.

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